Have A Pretty Little PLL Season 4 Premiere

Secrets really do keep us closer

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Anonymous asked: I think pll is quite disappointing recently They try to surprise us with Mrs D's reveal, sure it works but it's not logical and I'd even like Aria is A to come into place more like at least we can see the tension that'd occur among the girls and you?

I totally agree it’s not what it used to be, of course I still love it but they need to stick to a solid story line because I think when this show finally ends for good the reveal won’t fit with everything that has happened. But did you notice how Spencer’s mum said it was like Spencer had an evil twin. They’re always trying to throw in twin hints every know and again.

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Anonymous asked: Do you ship sparia as a friendship? If so, why?

I just love them too together they’re both really feisty, daring and i think they’re really close in my opinion the group is split into hannah and emily as one pair the spencer and aria as another. Team Sparia

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Lets just say I took along break, I am soooo sorry I haven’t been on this in AGES I just got really busy and it was alot of effort to write posts after ever episode especially because I live in the UK so I was always a couple days later than everyone else and the show wasn’t as exciting as it was in other series as it was getting predictable but I am going to be back and posting after the Halloween episode and will be watching Ravenswood aswell.

Ps does anybody watch Twisted?

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Ali’s mom didn’t see the body shejust saw the yellow top and thought it was Ali but CeCe was wearing the exact same outfit as ali and maybe someone else was aswell